Thirty Days - Your First Dollar - With Ed Dale

Our mission is to get your business up and running in thirty days and make your first dollar. This podcast - based on the book "Your First Dollar". Will help you choose a market, build a list and make your first dollar - We interview experts on how they made there first dollar and help listeners like you navigate through the first thirty days of your business.
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Apr 8, 2017

Episode 12 - Solutions Episode - Scoob

What happens when you teach something practical - like how to become a world class Motorcross rider and you want to create an online business.

Let's face it - You can't learn to surf by reading about it.

I take Scoob through this tricky exercise by using a technique I do with my private clients.

It's pretty cool what we come up with...

You'll also learn about;

  • Remembering to think like a beginner
  • Markets with money - The power of now being able to do stuff your parents wouldn't let you do when you were a kid!
  • Simplifying your content process. Most people do WAAAAY To much.
  • The Cookie delivery system -What is it, Why you should do it and how it makes your life easier.
  • How to fashion a cookie question.

If you want my help just like Scoob - send me an email to with the Subject Line "I Would Love To Be A Guest On Your Podcast"

You can grab a copy of my new book for free at Your First Dollar - The Book

Enjoy this episode!