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Our mission is to get your business up and running in thirty days and make your first dollar. This podcast - based on the book "Your First Dollar". Will help you choose a market, build a list and make your first dollar - We interview experts on how they made there first dollar and help listeners like you navigate through the first thirty days of your business.
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Mar 2, 2017

Episode 8 - Solutions Episode - A Challenger's $400,000 Dollar Journey

I can't tell you how much this episode tickles my fancy. Phil Woolgar was a small town paper editor in Canada and heard about the Challenge.

He grew his awesome idea into a $400,000 a year a business - His niche is beyond awesome.

He did it all through email to start and has only had a proper website for the last 5 months...

But not without it's challenges...

Facebook was a bust (Wait till you hear why it is!!)

The thing I LOVE about the episode is at the end we come up with a killer idea for his business.


What I think you'll find interesting is the way we worked up to coming with this idea.

Yet again it shows the power of having someone to bounce ideas off.

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