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Our mission is to get your business up and running in thirty days and make your first dollar. This podcast - based on the book "Your First Dollar". Will help you choose a market, build a list and make your first dollar - We interview experts on how they made there first dollar and help listeners like you navigate through the first thirty days of your business.
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Feb 17, 2017
strong>Episode 6 - Solutions Episode - Glenn Mason - Using a Youtube Video as a Minimum Viable Product

Lots of good information in this edition

  • Using a YouTube Video as a minimum viable product
  • Why "Scratching an itch" is the key ingredient in 50% of successful start-ups
  • Why email is the "Raw Material" of our "Happy Customer" factory
  • Our first discussion of the "WinterHaven method" - My Nickname for Dean Jacksons revolutionary approach to email marketing
  • What is "User Story Mapping" and how mapping out the clients journey is an incredibly useful exercise

Links from this episode

Get Dean's book on his email marketing system for free

Glenn's web development company

The Video that kicked things off

The GreyZoned website

The Site Glenn built for me!

The Your First Dollar book is out!!!

You can download the book on the "Your First Dollar System" for free at this link