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Our mission is to get your business up and running in thirty days and make your first dollar. This podcast - based on the book "Your First Dollar". Will help you choose a market, build a list and make your first dollar - We interview experts on how they made there first dollar and help listeners like you navigate through the first thirty days of your business.
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Feb 4, 2018

I got to interview Justin Brooke - the behind the scenes goto guy for what's happening in the world of getting Traffic. We go through the five best (and coolest) sources of traffic for this year.

By the way you should head over to and get on Justin's newsletter - it's a must read on traffic everytime It hits my mailbox

Want to get people on a webinar - we are all doing it wrong - Justin tells us whats working now and the very clever concept of "content upgrades"

I also ask him - If he was starting from scratch - how would he build his audience.

And right at the end - thanks to Academy member and ace photographer Michael Zeibel - he drops a youtube traffic gem that I'm starting this week!!


PS Hey if you are ready to get serious about starting a new project here are couple of ways I can help you

* Download my new book "Your First Dollar" - This is the fastest way I know how to get you to start a business you are going to be excited about - even if you only have a couple of hours a week.

* Get trained by me at NicheStyle Academy - If you're serious about getting to $10,000 a month you need a coach - just send me an email with the subject line "Interested" and I'll send you the details -

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